Digital street level

Adzplug connects businesses, companies, advert agencies etc. with individuals or entities willing to broadcast advert images and videos via screens to the public.

Adzplug Offerings

  • Street level reach

  • Location targeted advertising

  • Extensive network of growing Adz displayerz in every community

  • Personalized Ad stream analytics and reports

  • Can work with any budget

  • Advertise on your time

  • Indoor and Outdoor advertising

  • Currently in a 100 locations and to reach over 60,000 locations in 90 days.

How it Works
Adz Creatorz

Simple steps to get your ads public

  • Choose and upload your advert

  • Pick desired location

  • Choose stream time

  • Pay

How it Works
Adz Displayerz

Earn money with your television
  • Register on
  • Set up a TV, Inverter system and a stable Internet connection.
  • Request for location verification and streaming approval
  • Start streaming
  • Get paid

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